The caverns is the first area the player will encounter in a run, succeeded by the catacombs. Being the first area, its difficulty is relatively easy compared due to the lack of significant terrain hazards.

Features Edit

The caverns is rather simplistic in design. Out of all the areas, it has the most number of breakable blocks, some of which can hinder the player's progress and must be destroyed. The increased number of platforms in this area prevents the player from falling too fast, though it makes higher combos difficult to achieve.

Shop prices in this area are the cheapest throughout the entire game. They can be considered as the "base" prices as items will only get more expensive in succeeding areas.

Enemies Edit

Enemies found in the caverns are mostly passive, only hurting the player if approached incorrectly. They are generally slow enough to be predictable. However, notable enemies such as the bat and eye may be troublesome as they pursue the player from above if not dealt with before descending.

Trivia Edit

  • The background music in the caverns is titled Uroboros, and serves as the main leitmotif for the game.
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