A Turtle, crawling along.

Turtles are enemies that appear in World 1 and 3. In World 1, Turtles trudge back and forth along upright surfaces, sometimes stopping, while in World 3, Turtles swim left and right through the water. Turtles cannot be killed via bullets or explosions due to their shells, and must be stomped in order to be killed. The sudden stops of turtles can prove to be problematic if the player is trying to stomp them from afar and at high speeds. Turtles, when creating combos, can also be used as a small break. You can easily empty out your entire magazine in your Gunboots onto them without risk of them dying, then bounce on them to refill your ammo.

Loot Edit

When killed, Turtles drop 14 gems.


A Turtle, enjoying a swim in World 3.

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