Squids are enemies found in the Aquifer that initially swim upward, ignoring any solid terrain. Once they reach the top, they quickly swim downward and lose the ability to be stomped on.

Strategy Edit

While a squid is generally harmless and easy to dispatch individually, a group of squids can catch players off-guard if they are not paying attention to their locations before they swim downward. Squids pose a greater threat in narrow vertical passageways, or when they swim nearly parallel to each other, restricting the player's horizontal movement.

As such, the most efficient way to deal with squids is eliminating them before the reach the top of the screen. Due to their ability to be stomped on, as well as their low base health, dealing with squids is relatively easy. The Popping Gems upgrade is better used for support rather than the primary method to eliminate squids positioned above the player, due to the squid's rapid pace and the moderate randomness with gem speed and location.

Trivia Edit

  • Their downward movement is similar to the sharp teeth released by the boss, albeit much faster.
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