The sign that usually appears when it spawns.

The shop appears randomly like other safe zones - unless you have the Member's Card upgrade, in which case it appears at the start of every floor.

The track that plays in the shop normally is the first variant of Mochi Yasan. In the underwater shop, the second variant plays.

Visual info Edit

Aside from the sign (which would be positioned above the area's respective forcefield), the usual layout from a shop features a table with the shopkeeper nearby, and cases storing specific, randomly generated items behind him. As for the terrain surroundings, like any other safe area, are randomized as well.

The shopkeeper is usually depicted as a large, pure white humanoid with simplified, mitten-like hands, a matching white robe and red bandanna on their neck. They also usually have a smiling, open mouth, even if they're pointing out players have insufficient gems and become confused when they already purchased something. Although sleeves aren't implicitly implied, some depictions would make them visible.

Prices Edit

The prices listed below are normal - but with the Member's Card, everything is discounted 10%, and with Handstand Style, everything is discounted 30%. In Hard Mode, all shop prices are doubled. You can only spend gems at the shop for the following items, any 3 of which may appear when you find this area:

Rice Ball Sushi Battery Car Battery Energy Drink Curry
Effect Heals 1 HP Heals 2 HP +1 charge +2 charges Heal 1 HP, +1 charge +1 to max HP
World 1 300 G 500 G 150 G 250 G 400 G 1000 G
World 2 500 G 700 G 350 G 450 G 600 G 1200 G
World 3 700 G 900 G 550 G 650 G 800 G 1400 G
World 4 900 G 1100 G 750 G 850 G 1000 G 1600 G
World 5 1100 G 1300 G 950 G 1050 G 1200 G 1800 G

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to jump over the counter. However, the shopkeeper will start glaring at the player until they are on the other side. if you are too close to the counter when you start your jump, you will start a transaction instead, and the shopkeeper will say something to you whether or not you have the gems.
  • In an earlier build of the game, the player had the ability to destroy the item containers. However, doing so would anger the shopkeeper and cause them to attack. This feature ended up being removed due to the fact Fumoto couldn't make it work "in terms of balance and fun".
    • This can still be activated in a way, as it is possible to break all item cases automatically and thus trigger enemy shopkeeper behavior. This requires byte changing of 0x1ADDCC from 00 to 01 in the file of the Windows version.[1]
    • Enemy shopkeepers - also as stated from the referenced article - are invincible, extremely agile and can attack up to 8 damage. Even if you haven't entered the timevoid, they will always go after the player's character for the remainder of the stage.
  • Attempting to purchase an item which you cannot afford, the shopkeeper will say "TOO POOR!"
  • Attempting to purchase an item which you have already bought will result in the shopkeeper saying either, "WHAT", "HUH", or "?", In response.
  • The looks of the shopkeeper were confirmed to be based off of jizo statues. At one point, the latter object actually used to implicitly take their place during development.

References Edit

  1. The Cutting Room Floor on Downwell's Windows version
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