The limbo is the fourth area the player will encounter in the game, preceded by the aquifer and succeeded by the abyss. Enemies come and go periodically, and all other ground not beside safe zones are covered in dangerous spikes.

Features Edit

Having minimal safe locations requires the player to descend cautiously. Besides ground near safe zones, floating doodads are the player's only means of recharging their gun boots.

Without ground to interrupt combos, plenty of doodads, and multiple floating enemies, the limbo provides the best opportunities for achieving high combos.

Enemies Edit

None of the enemies in the limbo can be stomped on, thus shooting them is the only way to acquire combos. Aside from phantoms, various stuff litter the area, requiring the player to pass by them carefully.

Trivia Edit

  • The background music that plays in the limbo is titled Broken Ghost.
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