"Ghosts can fly through solid blocks and will spontaneously haunt you. Make sure to jump on them!"
Downwell instruction booklet
Ghosts are floating enemies found in the Catacomb that spiral up from below then pop into existence near below the player. They follow the player and have the ability to go through solid terrain.

Strategy Edit

Ghosts pose a hazard in their unique way of spawning; they rise from the bottom vertically, fully forming once they reach a vertical position near the player's. Simply evading and getting past them would not be enough, as they can pass through solid objects while chasing the player. In addition, Ghosts do not despawn; moving far enough away from one simply means it will arrive later unless the level is completed.

Ghosts can take several shots before dying, making stomping on them the best option.

A ghost can be shot while "rising". This causes them to immediately form and proceed with their normal attack pattern. They can also be stomped while "rising" as well.

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