Combos are earned by killing strings of enemies between landing on the ground. Combos are preserved when landing on enemies, wall jumping, landing in safe zones, moving between levels, or when the player is hit. Combos end when the player lands on solid ground, ledges, or breakable rocks.

After killing 5 enemies, the combo counter appears. Killing the following amounts of enemies yields these rewards upon landing:

Combo Count Rewards
8 100 gems
15 100 gems +1 charge
25 100 gems +1 charge heal 1 hp

Going past a 25 combo is impractical, since the maximum combo award has been reached, going any further will provide no benefit other than affecting stats and achievements, and actually prevents the player from getting potential rewards. When focusing on the gameplay, it is recommended to land as soon as possible when the 25 combo has been reached and then start a new combo to get more rewards.

Tips Edit

- Using Levitate style can help to maneuver. - Certain upgrades can help to extend combos.(Gunpowder Blocks, Blast Module, Safety Jetpack, Heart Balloon, etc.) - Use the Gun Boots to maneuver rather than to kill.

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