Combos are a mechanic in Downwell that is earned by killing strings of enemies before landing on the ground. Achieving high combos will yield certain rewards, though it may put the player at risk if not done carefully.

Mechanics Edit

To start a combo, the player must first jump off or fall from a solid platform and eliminate as many enemies as possible before landing again. Dead enemies will increase the combo counter by one; However, the enemies do not have to be killed directly by the player. Enemies killed by safe zones will count towards combos.

Combos are retained when stomping on doodads, moving between levels, landing in safe zones, wall jumping, or when a player is hit by an enemy while airborne.

A combo will end if the player lands on breakable rocks or solid ground.

Rewards Edit

Ending a combo with a sufficiently high enough count will yield the following rewards:

Combo Count Reward
8 to 14 100 gems
15 to 24 100 gems +1 charge
25 or higher 100 gems +1 charge +1 health

Landing a 30 and 100 combo will make the player earn the Wow Combo and Sugoi Combo achievements, respectively. Outside achievements, landing a combo beyond 25 does not grant any more bonuses.

Tips Edit

The increased airtime while using the Levitate style provides easier combo execution. Some upgrades can also assist the player during a combo, such as the Blast Module to eliminate groups of enemies at once, the Heart Balloon to decrease falling speed, and the Safety Jetpack in case the player runs out of charge.

Combos can be a very consistent way to get more charge, which will then allow for the player to have more ammo to manuever with in future combos. This allows for a high charge count if done correctly.

Ideally, a player would want to get the bare minimum number of kills to receive bonuses. As a result, ending a combo as soon as possible after matching the minimum number of kills is recommended.

While executing combos, gunboots are generally better suited for maneuvering rather than killing. Firing periodically resets the falling speed, allowing the player more airtime. As well, the player would ideally want their weapons to have a lower cost (the two cheapest cost guns are Noppy and the Machine Gun). However, the player will need to shoot to kill in Limbo as all enemies in the area on normal are immune to stomps. However, the frequent Doodad spawns allow the player to refill charges easily. Due to the high health and required shooting-to-kill in Limbo, the opposite is often true; players may want to pick up high-charge and high-damage weapons, especially Laser due to enemies' predictable movement. Additionally, there are no platforms in Limbo outside of the timevoids/safe zones.

In Limbo, there are additionally safe zones which appear to have no landable platforms outside them for completing combos. If the player clips the very edge of the safe zone, the game will read this as a regular platform land, allowing combos to be ended.

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