A charge is a quantity consumed by a weapon when shot. The number of unit charges limits how many times a weapon can be shot before needing to recharge the gunboots via landing or stomping on enemies. The player always starts out with eight units of charge.

Increasing the charge meter Edit

The player can increase their charge meter via the following methods during a run:

  • Picking up gun modules increases the meter by one unit.
  • Purchasing a Battery or Energy Drink increases the meter by one, while a Car Battery increases it by two.
  • Achieving a 15-combo or higher increases the meter by one.
  • Getting the tomato increases it by 10.

Weapon charge consumption Edit

Different weapons consume more charge than others. If the player's charge is insufficient for a given weapon, it will not shoot. For instance, no laser will be fired if the player has three units of charge or less.

Weapon Charge
Machine Gun 1
Noppy 1
Puncher 2
Triple 2
Burst 3
Laser 4
Shotgun 5

Trivia Edit

  • The charge meter clusters the individual unit charges depending on the current weapon. For instance, it will group two units at a time if the player is holding the Triple, or four at a time when holding the Laser.
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