The boss of Downwell is encountered in the Abyss, the final enemy the player must face in order to complete the game. The player must shoot the boss upon meeting it to initiate the battle.

Defeating the final boss shows the game's credits and unlocks Hard Mode.

Appearance Edit

The boss appears to be a monstrous worm-like creature with a hard external shell. Upon opening, it shows multiple sharp teeth, with its eye serving as a weak point. Its upper part resembles a ceiling, moving with its main body as its descends.

Strategy Edit

The chaotic nature of the battle provides an additional layer of distraction, so focusing on survival reduces the chances of the player getting hit.

Aside from the boss' main attacks from its main body, its "ceiling" descents, forcing the player to continually go down in order to prevent getting crushed. Shooting its eye pushes the boss downwards, freeing more space for the player to move around.

During the encounter, the boss does the following actions in this specific order:

  1. Eye conceal: Upon receiving some damage, the boss hides it eye, providing temporary immunity to bullets.
  2. Triple blast: Shoots a wave of three projectiles in the player's direction. In Hard Mode, it shoots twice.
  3. Enemy summon: Summons shadow clones of enemies to fight the player. The types of enemies summoned depends on the current mini-area the battle takes place in.

Additionally, it passively releases sharp teeth bullets from above, requiring additional dodging.

These attacks repeat while in the process of getting shot. Once it receives enough damage, the main body closes and it temporarily disappears from below. During this phase, "ceiling" accelerates in descent - the player must quickly go down in order to keep up. This phase lasts long enough to put the player out of Gem High or Gem Sick.

Once the boss gets to the next mini-area, the whole process repeats until its climactic defeat in the Limbo mini-area.

Recommended upgrades Edit

  • Blast Module: Takes out groups of summoned enemies at once.
  • Knife and Fork: The first three areas have summoned enemies that leave corpses.
  • Drone: Provides additional power against summoned enemies, but not against the boss itself due to its shorter range than the player's shots.
  • Gem Attractor and Gem Powered: Works in tandem to sustain more charge for the player to shoot or stay airborne.

Summoned enemies Edit

The boss summons certain enemies depending on the mini-area the battle takes place in. Only selected enemies appear during the boss encounter.

Trivia Edit

  • The theme that plays during the boss fight is titled "Slumber Party".
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